Skincare tips for over 40's

As we know only too well, reaching the dizzy heights of becoming 40 is a wonderful time of life, while we are waiting to embrace that Life Begins at 40 phase, there is something of upmost importance that needs to be addressed and this is our Skin Care Routine for the years of 40 and beyond. 

Here are a few tips we thought we would share with you.

Tip 1: Don’t over do it!

Skin can be very sensitive, changes are underway but don't suddenly think that you have to try every treatment on the market to combat the little signs of ageing you may be seeing, Your skin will not like this, upset that barrier function and your skins response will be reciprocated by breakouts and irritations.

Tip 2: Do your research.

Treatments that you will find yourself looking at will range from invasive treatments such as cosmetic injections to face lifts and more non invasive anti ageing treatments such as radio-frequency skin tightening to skin peels. Whatever you decide to do, if anything, do your homework to make sure you are visiting a fully qualified and registered aesthetics practitioner.

Tip 3: Start  now.

The sooner that you start tweaking your anti-ageing drive, the better, this means that starting with skin rejuvenating treatments such as micro needling, radio-frequency skin tightening, laser facials and topical treatments will set you in good stead in the future with your fight against ageing, without the need for having to have invasive treatment prematurely.

Tip 4: Give new treatments a chance.

Remember if you are taking the start now option that oat of the renewal and rejuvenating treatments require time work their magic. The easiest thing to do is set your budget knowing in your mind that you will require a renewal / rejuvenating treatments once every 4-6 weeks for at least 6 months before you will see real improvements, Be patient.

Tip 5: Use topicals creams as close to nature as possible.

As I've already mentioned, if we upset the skins barrier function we are leaving our skin wide open to umpteen skin problems that will manifest into unpleasant skin issues such as drones, redness, irritation and breakouts, not to mention dermatitis ,acne and eczema. To avoid issues like this look for topical creams that will keep the skins PH balanced and happy. Creams that are natural, vegan with no nasty harsh chemicals are by far the best when it comes to the delicate matter of your skin.

Tip 6: Use Amour Skincare's home made range.

With all of this in mind, we decided to create a wonderful set of moisturising creams to deal with the issues of an impaired skin barrier function and ageing such as acne, dry skin, sun damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin tone. These are little natural miracles in a jar, home made just for you.

Our creams are not only plant based, natural, vegan and cruelty free, we chose beautiful little glass jars with aluminium lids to do our bit for our beautiful environment.

Is there a woman who out there who wouldn't love to wake up everyday looking younger, glowing with no need for any make up other than a touch of lipstick?

Amour means Love. And the whole idea behind Amour Skincare is to love the skincare you use and promote AMOUR radiant you. To achieve this we use 100% natural ingredients to ensure no toxins, chemicals or steroids touch your skin and to make sure you only use ingredients your skin loves.

We also Love Animals and Nature. So we go the extra mile to make sure all our products are animal cruelty free, vegan friendly and plastic free bringing no harm what so ever to the animals or nature.

At Amour we say "less is more and natural is beauty." And our products promote just that. In our range is something that will replace your day and night skincare routine with just a couple of products keeping things simple, less and more natural.

Amours Day & Night creams come in little glass jars offering a home made feel and limiting the use of plastic packaging. They are exclusively sold on our Website and formulated right here in the UK

Each jar is 45ml and holds 30 - 40 uses. A little goes a very long way and only a pea size amount is needed when applying to your face.

The secret to the success of our creams is repairing and protecting the skins barrier and our creams are genuinely fabulous at putting up that barrier and really locking in the moisture.

It's so good at looking in the moisture that you should always cleanse before using the cream for the first time so to not lock in any unwanted toxins!

See what people are saying!

I’m absolutely loving this repair and renew cream. Being in my 50s my skin is quite dry, Especially under my eyes, this cream hydrates and softens my fine lines, giving me a lovely glow. I have only been using this cream for 4 days and I have noticed a difference already.

- Pamela O

Well we’re do I start, this cream is amazing. Not only has it helped my ageing face skin, but I have eczema on one hand and it’s the only cream out of thousands I’ve tried that has helped it improve. Do you do any body cream, I’ve nearly finished my pot already.

- Susan B

Well I have been trying miracle creams for years. But nothing will ever do what a surgeons knife will do. I have dermatitis and everything irritates it so thought I would give this a go. Must say it's calmed everything down and my skin feels gold. Delighted with this miracle in a jar.

- Ann S

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