How Hormonal Imbalances could be the cause of your Acne.

This particular type of acne is tied to hormonal imbalances in teenagers and menstruating, peri menopausal and menopausal women. It affects all ages from teens to 50 plus. Teenage hormonal acne will usually appear across the forehead, chin and nose area whereas adult hormonal acne tends to develop in the lower face, around the jawline and chin area. Hormonal acne shows up in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts.

If we look at hormonal acne suddenly appearing in ages 30-50 we can usually tie this to an intrinsic issue such as a hormone imbalance due to an influx of hormones from sources such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, pregnancy, endometriosis, menstruation, menopause, decreased estrogen and increased androgen levels.

As an aside if you are using hormone replacement therapy, an influx of chemical hormones can cause hormonal acne, using a body identical hormone replacement therapy may be more suitable for you.

It is also poignant to remember that sugar plays a part here, the more sugar you consume in your diet will cause your glucose levels to spike which forces your pancreas to release more insulin. Eventually the cells in your body will become resistant to insulin (insulin resistance) and your pancreas will struggle to keep up with the demand. The consequence of this is that your bloodstream will contain excess sugar which is then left in your blood stream causing spikes in your blood sugar. This can have very detrimental affects if your body is unable to metabolise sugar properly.

We all know that if this happens the sugar will be stored in your tissues as fat. As well as being a major impact on your overall health it can also be a problem for the ovaries if your pancreas releases too much insulin. This can cause them to produce more androgen hormones such as testosterone which sometimes influences the development of follicles on the ovaries and can affect ovulation which in turn can lead to irregular periods, acne, male pattern hair growth etc, Insulin resistance and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome etc.

This is just a small consideration of the plethora of reasons why hormones can become imbalanced unfortunately an imbalance can have a major impact on not only our health but our skin too. 

Amours Day & Night creams come in little glass jars offering a home made feel and limiting the use of plastic packaging. They are exclusively sold on our Website and formulated right here in the UK

Each jar is 45ml and holds 30 - 40 uses. A little goes a very long way and only a pea size amount is needed when applying to your face.

The secret to the success of our creams is repairing and protecting the skins barrier and our creams are genuinely fabulous at putting up that barrier and really locking in the moisture.

It's so good at locking in the moisture that you should always cleanse before using the cream for the first time so to not lock in any unwanted toxins!

The repair & renew cream and relaxing night cream are two products we recommend to help control acne caused by hormonal imbalances. That and the tips above regarding your diet. Both go hand in hand, so be sure to make sure you focus on both controlling your diet and repairing the barrier function together for the best success.

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This stuff is amazing!! This was after 1 week... I've tried everything for well over a year and I thought hey another cream I will try it... Its changed my whole skin! The cysts I have I am on medication for but just my whole skin texture.. The redness everything has improved and I cannot rate this company enough!

- Kirsty N

My skin is so soft and clear since using this. I was signed up to a acne treatment programme from Instagram and my skin kept purging and got worse and worse. With this there is no purging. My skin shows smaller looking pores, less acne and removes the t zone dryness.

- Louise F

I'm using the renew and repair cream and the lavender night cream. I love the light whipped texture and a small amount goes a long way. I've noticed my skin is more evenly toned and dark spots have reduced dramatically. My skin is super hydrated and feels plumped. The fact that it smells fabulous is a bonus too. I've told all my friends about the products..

- Brownwen J

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